HI Design Europe is held in a different city every year, bringing a fresh and unique flavour to each event. Location, however, is irrelevant in terms of project business. The focus of HI Design Europe is always the same: live and confirmed hotel projects throughout Europe and the people behind them.

This year we will be hosted by the Forte Village, Sardinia on 5 – 7 June 2019

Venue Details

Loc. Forte Village – S.S. 195 Km.39.600 (09010)
Pula Cagliari, Sardegna

Phone: +39 070 9218818

Email: holiday@fortevillage.com

Website: https://www.fortevillageresort.com

Creeping under the mainstream tourist radar, Sardinia is a sophisticated Italian island, west of mainland Italy and south of Corsica. It’s the second largest island in the Mediterranean (go on, guess what’s the biggest…) after Sicily (well done) and before Cyprus. So we should all fit on fine. With over 1800km of unspoiled coastline, it’s renowned for beautiful beaches, turquoise sea and fascinating rock formations, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Now a little on where we’re staying. Occupying 47 hectares of lush gardens along a white sandy beach (check out the live cam) on the sunny south coast, our resort is one of the best (World Travel Awards thinks so, anyway). It’s actually a cluster of luxury hotels and villas with 21 restaurants and numerous swimming pools so bring your cozzie. The business centre is also world class, which is handy. See you there!