The 2020 Seminar Programme will be published shortly.

Meanwhile, here is the 2019 programme:



08:30 – 09:20

9 years of growth in Europe: where to next?

Europe has experienced sustained growth over the past 9 years, fostered by limited growth in new hotels across the continent and strong demand. So where do we go from here? What does the future hold amidst an ever changing political and trade landscape? What can we learn from recent performance? How does growth in supply affect that performance? To which markets should you turn your attention?

In this European market update Alex, who is based in London with STR, the world leader in hotel performance data, will give highlights of regional hotel performance, brand growth, pipeline and overall shifts in profitability. With a comprehensive data set he can drill down to look at markets on a city-by-city basis. Find out about ‘compression nights’ in Dublin, luxury suite performance in Paris, the Eastward shift in the Mediterranean and the impact of supply growth in Germany. What is the effect of the rise in brands? How much influence do the disrupters have? With a special focus on pipeline growth and segmentation using STR’s interactive AM:PM tool, hear where’s hot and where’s not.

Discover what’s in store for the European hotel market.

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14:35 – 15:35

House of Design & Architecture

Hospitality designs are experiments in new ways of living. The elevated awareness of their success has seen the tentacles of hospitality experience spreading into other areas of life. Offices, retail, civic spaces – all are taking their cues from the world of hotel, restaurant and bar design.

Handily enough our keynote speaker Nigel Coates has experience in all these areas. He is one of the most prolific designers of recent years. His product design work extends from furniture to lighting, from glassware to glasses – his own range of eyewear. Architectural realisations include ground-breaking venues in Japan and the UK whilst interiors work in the retail and exhibition spheres has seen several appearances at the Venice Architectural Biennale and World Expo’s. His pioneering work at the first Hoxton Hotel in London’s East End initiated new ideas about the hotel space. Coates, always a radical and innovative thinker, has a track record of being ahead of the curve – he was immersed in the idea of narrative as early as 1983 when publishing NATØ magazine (Narrative Architecture Today).
Hear about all this and more as Coates takes us on a journey of opportunity and originality, context and difference, experience and vision.

PAD London VIP Day at PAD Berkeley Square, London, Britain on 12 Oct 2015.



08.30 – 09.30

Mindful Design, Mindful Space; Principles and Practice in the Hospitality Industry

Aidan Walker is something of a Renaissance man, although he’s nothing to do with the Marriott brand. A Cambridge University graduate, he is also a skilled cabinetmaker who ventured into editing magazines and writing about the wide world of design. He speaks the language of design, and having practised meditation and yoga all his adult life is well placed to talk about Mindful Design, the title of his latest book.


‘Mindfulness in context’ is becoming a key driver of design. Its increasing traction in hospitality is a marker of a change in consciousness among consumers and operators. The most profitable sectors in hospitality these days are in spa, health and wellbeing spaces and products. Using examples and case studies, Aidan looks at the creation of spaces that invoke calm and inner awareness. And the practice of mindfulness as a design ’tool’ in our digitally connected ‘always on’ age.


As a take away from the session, Aidan will leave us with his “Se7en Principles of Mindful Design”.

3. Aidan Walker pic



13.05 – 14.05

What’s the point of Design?

Former theatre and set designer for ballet, opera and film, Charles Leon has expanded on his role as a hospitality design professional to include the art of communication and now lectures worldwide on a wide variety of creative topics. Here he sets the scene of the topic for this session, what’s the point of design?

Why should we bother to design anything? What did design ever do for us? What are the drivers of a successful design? Are aesthetics and beauty as important as function, practicality and story? What part do emotions, behaviour and culture play in good design?

With a host of experience in hospitality design, Leon understands the demands on design in our sector. Following his thought-provoking introductory address we will be joined by talents from the audience (that’s YOU!) to develop the discussion further. We will also use the Slido Q&A and polling tool to enhance the debate.

“If design is a vision of the future, how different will that future look from today?” Join us to find out.

Charles Leon