Seminar Update

Our Seminar Programme is complete. More than simply adding value to the proceedings, the HI Design Seminar Programme is a reason to attend HI Design in itself. The regional ‘scene-setter’ opens business by giving our delegates a bang up-to-date snapshot of Europe’s hotel project landscape – very handy for informing one’s own regional strategy. But that’s not all. We like to take it further and ask our experts to provide some context so you don’t just get what’s happening, you can also see why. Us plotters tend to like that.

Then there’s our keynote – a prolific design legend with an outstanding portfolio providing rare insight into her design philosophy and predictions. Delegates will also be encouraged to ask her anything they like.

We then have our ‘visionary’ session from a leading Design Strategist who will take us back to the heart of the User Experience in a technological landscape which is changing beyond recognition.

And finally our panel, which promises to be a moving experience for everyone…

You can see the full programme and speaker profiles here.

Any Seminar questions can be sent to Guy.