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Why they come 16th May 2017

You can probably imagine what happens when we speak to a ‘Buyer’ who hasn’t been to HI Design before: ‘we’re too busy to leave our projects just now’ or ‘we don’t do this type of event’ or ‘we already know everyone… they can come see us anytime’. Such objections are understandable from someone who hasn’t been to HI Design. And so Sofi’s job, as the first one to talk to potential Buyer attendees is to put them in the picture as quickly as possible:

It's a bit like business speed-dating where you choose who you'd most like to meet and hopefully find the right longterm partners! In 3 days you can meet more of the right Suppliers, touch and feel the latest kit and get closer to more of your peers than you could normally do in your average year! And you don’t get the constant distractions that you do in your office so you can focus on what you’re doing and who you’re talking to. This makes for a hugely productive and inspiring few days. Some even go as far as to say it’s the most important event of the year in terms of catching up with the industry! All we can really say is that when you take a look at who comes and picture having proper conversations with whoever you want, you should start to get it.

Regular attendees cite HI Design as the most time-efficient event on the calendar. Whilst such a term doesn’t quite convey the warmth of HI Design, it’s a fair claim. The right people are here, on neutral ground in an unusually friendly bubble and if you come along with an open attitude and are prepared to work hard, you won't need to attend another ‘similar’ event all year. Furthermore, you’ll leave inspired, better-informed, better-connected and better-equipped to meet and manage your design challenges. Time well-spent indeed.

For a full run-down of who comes, how it works and what you could expect to achieve at HI Design Europe, please get in touch with Sofi today.

When Sofi's not spreading the word to busy hotel Interior Designers, she'll be training for her charity run. You can check out her fundraising page here and donate if so inclined. Thanks!

Meanwhile, here are a few stats to consider. Fascinating, we're sure you'll agree!

97.14% of last year’s buyer delegates either strongly agreed or agreed that HI Design is an excellent investment of their time.

(You can’t please everyone I suppose…)

94.29% of Buyer delegates agree that HI DESIGN really helps designers with confirmed hospitality projects to develop relationships with the right partners.

And here are some testimonials:

"When it comes to learning about new products and suppliers, it's the single best use of our time all year."

Managing Partner – Studio Q

"A productive use of time with a considerable amount of suppliers and networking achieved in a short timeframe."

Director of Interior Design – Marriott International

"Perfectly organised and very useful, the perfect way to meet the right people in the supplier companies and the perfect way to spend some relaxed time with clients."

Managing Director – Intercon

"HI Design is a much better concept than other events as it is a perfect mix of meetings, seminars, networking sessions and some fun! In a conventional exhibition/event, you won't achieve so much in just two days!"

Architect - Oberoi Group

"I count on this event to give me some concentrated work time to get new suppliers and gain new work possibilities. It is exhausting but worth it every time!"

Creative Director – GSR Interior Design

"Fantastic, essential, inspiring, revitalising, challenging, informative, strategic, enjoyable, organised, core business with a twist of fun, amazing as usual."

Partner & Head of Hospitality & Sustainability – Purcell

"The première event of the kind, strong panels and seminars make it a must to attend, whilst consistent top tier suppliers and buyers make it worthwhile and extremely useful. The atmosphere is always excellent."

Director – Aedas Interiors London

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