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2900+ Hotel Interior Projects.

Specifiers Included. 5th June 2018

The Interior Designers and big brand Owner/Operators who specify for Europe's biggest hotel projects are very busy people. Ever tried to get a meeting with just one of them? Exactly.

Right now, 130 of those difficult-to-meet Specifiers are away from their projects for 3 days, to gather on neutral ground. With over 2900 live, confirmed projects on their books* (I just counted them), they need products, inspiration and support. So they come to HI Design to spend some quality time with a select group of manufacturers, to touch and feel their latest products and to meet the people behind them. They can also spend some rare time with each other. This only happens once a year.

All 85 allocated Supplier places sold within a month this year. The numbers are kept low so the suppliers have a real chance to meet all relevant Buyers over the course of the event. It also means competition is limited in all Supplier product categories. HI Design has been described as the most worthwhile 3 days you can have as a hotel design professional**. And in this creative industry, not short of its characters, it’s also a lot of fun.

HI Design has always been about the people who come. If you’re a busy hotel project leader or manufacturer who is passionate about what you do, we recommend you get the attendee lists from Joel or Sofi. If that looks like an interesting bunch to spend a few focused days with, the HI Design format assures best possible use of your time in such company.

* Every year we ask our confirmed Buyer delegates to declare the number of confirmed hotel new build and refurb’ projects on their books for the next 3 years.

** Source: HI Design Europe Testimonials

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