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Let's Make a Movie!

Capturing the HI Design Magic. 31st May 2018

We try to tell people what HI Design is all about. We tell them who comes, how it works and what they could achieve, if they come and work hard. But you know what it’s like: unless you actually experience it for yourself, you miss that thing that makes it special. That unique HI Design atmosphere that helps ever-so busy project pro’s to relax and relish the experience of real connections springing up all around them, often from unexpected places. To come away energised and inspired, feeling part of an open, collaborative, supportive community. And it’s fun! Yes, it’s all about the business but a beautiful sound so often heard amidst the hum of conversation at HI Design is laughter. It might even be your own! So we’re making a movie, and we need your help.

Some of you will receive an email or a call from us just to ask if we can borrow you for 15 minutes during the event to answer a few questions. You could be a regular or a first-timer, we promise not to take up too much of your time and you won’t feel a thing. If you’re happy to get involved, we’ll give you an idea of the questions we might ask you. Otherwise, if you’re coming to Berlin, just ignore the funny looking man with the camera and have a fantastic event!

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