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4 Sessions Confirmed 31st May 2018

Our Seminar Programme is complete and it’s a cracker. Opening business on Thursday morning, The whole regional project scene will be set by Rolf Schmidt - the man in charge of the world’s most comprehensive hotel project database - TOPHOTELPROJECTS. He’ll reveal which brands are doing what, when and where and provide invaluable insight into the factors behind the regional trends which feed the decisions of those who drive our industry.

Thursday afternoon we have our Keynote Session with Rob Wagemans, one of the Industry’s true innovators with an appetite for disruption. You’ll find the details here in an earlier article.

Day 2 starts on a fascinating note. Fancy a little trip to the future? Futurists or futurologists have appeared at notable times throughout history. This one, James Wallman, will appear around 08.30 on Friday morning and you really want to be there too. You see, things are changing. Can you feel it? You’ve no doubt found success in your field. You probably have some nice things to show for it. But it seems we’re no longer satisfied with the things. We want something more. Something more personal. Emotional. Experiential. There’s a paradigm shift happening as we emerge from the 20th century that birthed the consumer revolution and the rise of materialism. We have experienced ‘stuffocation’ and James knows a thing or two about that - he wrote the book! Futurist and author, James saw this shift coming while most of us had our heads down, immersed in our busy lives, accumulating more stuff. And as our heads come back up for air, our self-awareness deepens and our focus starts to shift, James has some very interesting ideas and observations to share and explore with you. We feel this session will be a very captivating and timely one indeed.

And finally we have our panel. We had some letter R’s to spare so we’ve called it: What’s behind that wall? The new world of Refurb’s, Renovations, Re-Use and Restorations. 4 handpicked industry experts, 2 hoteliers and 2 designers are set to generously share their experienced views on the re-purposing of established businesses for the future. What are the benefits and pitfalls against a new build? How far to go? What of heritage and legacy? Preservation versus innovation? Our host, Guy Dittrich will encourage our panelists to go deep into this minefield and share what they’ve learned with our audience who will be encouraged to ask questions of their own.     

Your panelists:

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